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In our internet based world, people often feel they no longer need a realtor to help them buy a home.  While it's possible to buy and sell without a realtor, they really do add value to their clients.  Seek the representation of a realtor you trust; you'll be glad you did.

What do you think is the number one reason that people try to avoid hiring a realtor?  Most likely the cost, right?  Whether buying or selling, people desire to avoid the involvement of the realtor because they think of the financial investment in doing so.  But what if that realtor actually saves you from a bad investment, paying too much for a home, or selling your house for too little?


1.  Education & Experience

An experienced realtor can protect your interest whether buying or selling.  From helping you determine what is a fair price to advising whether the cracks in the ceiling are from settling or structural concerns, realtors' experience can really enhance your bottom line.  Correct pricing is particularly crucial to sellers.  If you overprice your home, it may sit on the market for months. 

2.  Market Knowledge

Realtors not only know each neighborhood throughout the community in which you're searching, they know whether homes in that area tend to retain or appreciate in value, whether the schools have a solid reputation, or if your dream purchase is soon to come on the market.  When it's a sellers' market, sometimes the only way to buy in your desired location is to hire a realtor that will learn of listings before they hit the market, because by the time they're listed, they're already under contract.  If you are the seller, having a realtor can help you position your home for multiple offers so you get top dollar. 

3.  Designated Intermediary

Realtors serve as a buffer between you and people you'd rather not talk to, whether that be the nosy neighbors just popping in to see your open house or pushy realtors representing the other side of the transaction.  Hiring someone to serve in this role protects your time and your privacy.  

4.  Professional Networking

Would you rather have open houses every weekend or traipse around on your own if house hunting, or is it more appealing to have someone spending their time looking for you that knows exactly what you want?  Realtors hold brokers' opens so that they can share and visit listings.  Rather than having exposure to one potential buyer, each realtor that visits may be shopping on behalf of ten.  The increased exposure gets the word out there about what's unique about your home.  And yes, if you're a buyer there are pictures online, but those pictures don't show you if the neighbor's yard is overgrown or if the house backs up to an apartment complex.  Those online pictures are meant to show only what the seller wants to highlight. 

5.  Negotiation Skills & Confidentiality 

In addition to the benefit of having an intermediary, an experienced realtor can offer valuable negotiation knowledge to help you, as the seller, know when to accept the offer or how to best counter.  If you are the buyer, they can give you feedback as to the terms of recent deals that have gone through in the area so that you are competitive, but not offering too high.  confidentiality in the negotiation process is critical as well.  A skilled realtor will know just how high you're willing to go or how eager you are to own the home, but will keep those details private as they try to strike the best deal.  Though the get paid on the maximum purchase price, they'd much rather win your repeat business and referrals by producing superior results for you!   

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